Odds Watchdog 2018 Review

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Price:  FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE to make around £25 RISK FREE and then £25 a month however you can get the 1st month of PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for only £1!

Odds Watchdog is a small but growing, close knit community of matched bettors run by three very experienced individuals who have collectively over a decade of experience in the matched betting arena, they have also contributed significantly over the years to advanced techniques of locking in profit from a wide range of bookmaker promotions.

Odds Watchdog 2017 Academy

The Odds Watchdog Academy

Where Odds Watchdog excels is with personalised support and training for its members.  With three individuals at the helm, support is available almost around the clock and we don’t rest until our members are confident in their skills and are making the money we promise.

Odds Watchdog 2017 OddsMatcher

Odds Watchdog Oddsmatcher

Our member base includes a variety of people with varying levels of experience and part of what makes this site the great place it is, is that we cater for everyone from complete beginners, to those who have previously attempted matched betting and given up.  We’ve proven to many members that were sceptical about results, that even with a full set of bookmaker accounts (and therefore no sign up offers available to complete) that a significant monthly income of can be achieved through reloads alone and without dedicating one’s life to placing bets.

Odds Watchdog 2017 Sign up Offers

Odds Watchdog Sign up offers

We of course provide all the software you would expect from a matched betting service in terms of odds matching software, calculators for various offers and opportunities.  However our ethos is not just to provide software and information, but to be interactive, approachable and supportive to our members to ensure they receive the proper training and guidance required to extract the most from every offer.

Odds Watchdog 2017 Reload Offers

Odds Watchdog Reload Offers

One of the common complaints we heard in the matched betting community was that in many cases, users were being presented with too many offers, to the point that simply finding those with the best expected value was a laboursome task in itself.  For this reason, we are highly selective in the reload offers that we advertise, we ensure that there is always a high proportion of value in every offer we post.  Said simply, we opt for quality over quantity.

Odds Watchdog 2017 Coaching

Odds Watchdog 2017 Coaching

Basic training comes in the form of written and video tutorials that allow even the complete beginner to jump straight in and start making money.  Further to this we offer small group coaching with members through Skype and Facebook, and regularly set up live chats when there are big sporting events taking place.

For members who need additional help, we offer one to one coaching to help them progress as quickly as possible with bankroll building, their understanding of the concept and of course, extracting profits! This is all as part of the monthly subscription charge of £25.  For new members, we have a free membership option, which allows newcomers to make their first profits without any obligation at all, no card details are even required!

Odds Watchdog 2017 offer instructions

Odds Watchdog Offer Instructions

For those who are ready to take things to the next level, we offer the first 7 days premium membership for just £1, this allows members to experience the full site and support for less than the price of a double cheeseburger!  Membership can be cancelled at any time without quibble in the first 7 days, however, it is extremely rare that we have a paying member who doesn’t continue with us after the 7 days are up.

Odds Watchdog are quick to find loopholes and share them so that all members are able to take advantage of some enormous value when it is presented.  We state clearly whether or not there are any risks involved with offers and stipulate minimum bankroll requirements when a deposit or wagering requirement carries a risk of any loss.  This ensures that our members do not get tied in to wagering on any offers their bankrolls can’t afford, and helps them to achieve the best possible profit results each month.

Odds Watchdog is a growing community and one of the incentives that we offer to members is to become affiliated with us, we have one of the most generous affiliate schemes available in this sector which offers an uncapped earning potential to those who are interested in helping us to grow.

For more information, visit Odds Watchdog and if you have any questions you can message the team on our Facebook page.