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Heads&Heads 2018 Review

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Price: Heads&Heads have an unlimited free trial that gives you access to all the tools and software you need to make up to £45.  

Monthly subscription: £14.99 / month (30 day money back guarantee). This gives you access to all the matched betting tools, full forum access, LiveChat customer service, 55+ Sports Betting Welcome Offers (Every offer comes with a video), 50+ Casino Welcome Offers, 40+ Bingo Welcome Offers and 10+ Reload Offers added every day. All of which makes it possible to earn up to £1,500 per month.

Annual Subscription: £150 per year

Heads&Heads are new to the matched betting scene but have already built a small but loyal member base, who came for the wide range of offers and stayed for the customer support, which we’ll explain in more detail later. It will be a while before they can challenge any of the industry giants but nonetheless have huge potential.

Who are Heads&Heads?

This was all built and headed by one individual, James Hardy. He has been matched betting for nearly 7 years. 

James, keeps roughly 100+ offers constantly up to date, adds 10+ reloads every day, does an impeccable job at customer service and does the daily running of the business all on his own. Frankly we think he doesn’t sleep!

Heads&Heads launched early October 2016 and has retained an impressive percentage of premium members. Creating, as we mentioned at the start, a small but loyal community. 

Another huge strength of Heads&Heads is their independence. They are not part of a parent company or funded by an outside entity. Something that is probably unique in this increasingly busy industry. This has led to a very relaxed atmosphere, in which if a recommendation is given by James, you know it comes without any strings being pulled by someone else in the background. 

All of this combines to provide a service that is perfect for beginners and has enough long-term value to keep more experienced members interested. Heads&Heads knows who they are, they know they’re not the biggest and James will admit as much if you ask him. All he is interested in though, is creating a great service that does not overwhelm beginners. 

Joining Heads&Heads

Heads&Heads are one of the cheapest matched betting services available, coming in at £14.99 a month. 

Their free trial offers good value and comes with comprehensive written and video guides. As always, LiveChat allows new members to have instant contact with James at any time during their trial to resolve any queries. 

Upgrading to Premium, using our special code, will give you your first 30 days for just £1, and if you follow one of James’ starter guides, this first month will pocket you an easy £200 as a minimum. After that the value just grows and grows. With welcome offers from Sports betting, Casino and Bingo outlets, you will not be lacking things to do or profit to make. In fact, for the first 6 months on Heads&Heads, the only limiting factor on your profit is yourself and how many offers you can get through.

User Dashboard

Heads&Heads also give users something which is often lost in those early days of learning matched betting. A sense of clarity as to what exactly is going on. How much am I making? What bets have I placed? What are the latest offers? Who should I be placing a mug bet with?

These are all questions that a new matched bettor will encounter sooner rather than later and all are answered by the Heads&Heads Dashboard. This tracks your total profit, your preferred bookmaker, major upcoming events, Welcome Offers you still need to complete and the most recent offers added to the Heads&Heads site.

Heads&Heads Dashboard

Tracking Table 

Located in your Dashboard, the Tracking Table is the hub of all your matched betting activity. Every bet you send from the Oddsmatching Software or calculate manually is stored here for future reference. It is also very flexible and allows you to edit a bet once it is entered. 

Many matched betting services have tried to completely automate this process and whilst there are certainly advantages to that method, it often leads to a loss of flexibility when it comes to accurately displaying your total profit.

Heads&Heads oddsmatching

The Tracking Table also comes with a filter option so you can easily narrow down the bet or series of bets you are looking for.

Heads&Heads Odds Offer

Add Bet Form + Calculator

Here Heads&Heads have done something rather different from their competition. Rather than have the calculator as a separate entity, they’ve made it a crucial part of both the Oddsmatching Software and Tracking Table. By making it an intrinsic part of the process it ensures that every bet you place will naturally feed into the Tracking Table with little to no effort on the part of the user.

The most common way members will add bets to their Tracking Table is through the Oddsmatching Software.

However, Heads&Heads provide the option of a manual Add Bet Form above the Tracking Table in case a user wishes to do some specific calculations for their bet. 

The Add Bet form contains all the calculators you need:

  • Normal 
  • Stake Not Returned
  • Stake Returned
  • Risk Free
  • Extra Place 

Heads&Heads Calculator

In addition, the Add Bet form calculator also has the capability to calculate an underlay or overlay should that be necessary for the bet you are placing. This is all done using an easy to use sliding bar that allows you to effortlessly adjust your lay stake.

Heads&Heads add bet

Oddsmatching Software

The Heads&Heads Oddsmatching Software allows you to not only get instant access to the best odds matches across more than a hundred bookmakers and exchanges. Not only that, but it also calculates your lay stake, liability and profit for every bet instantly.

Heads&Heads Oddsmatching full list

All the information you will ever need for placing a matched betting bet is housed within this software. 

In addition, their straightforward filtering options allow you to quickly narrow down the odds/events you wish to see. You can even search for individual events, which is perfect for event specific bookmaker reload offers.

Heads&Heads oddsmatching details

Once you’ve chosen your bet, everything you need to place it will be pre-calculated – Liability, Lay Stake and most importantly, Profit. Then, when the bet has been placed, you can make sure your profit is tracked on your user Dashboard in just two clicks. Simply click ‘Add’ and then select the type of bet you just placed (Qualifier, Free Bet etc) – this will enter all the data into your Tracking Table just like that!

Heads&Heads oddsmatching detailed

Weekend Reload Emails 

Every Friday, Heads&Heads will send out an email to all their premium and trial members an email crammed full of information. 

The main purpose of this email is to showcase the Top 10 best reload offers for that weekend to existing Premium members. However, it also serves to update the community on key issues, updated offers, new offers, member success, new updates….and the list goes on. 

It is a great addition that helps existing Premium members know what to look out for during the weekend when it comes to Reload offers and keeps the wider community informed.

Heads&Heads offer emails

Customer Support / Forum

It is clear that James takes tremendous pride in looking after each of his members on a personal level, should they need assistance. We see that both in the Live Chat facility which gives you a direct link to the owner of the business…..truly a rarity these days. And also, the speed with which he replies. A few have tested his resolve on this front by opening Live Chat at 11pm, even midnight, only to be surprised when they receive an immediate response. So, Heads&Heads truly look after you, although whether they can maintain this as they grow remains to be seen.

Heads&Heads dashboard

It is also worth giving the forum a mention as well. This is a tight knit community who are, clearly, getting to know each other quite well (future forum admins we think) but who also warmly greet and answer any questions from newcomers. James appears very relaxed when it comes to the control of the forums. Discussing other matched betting services, for example, is not met with a ban or restriction. All in all, there is a very fair and warm feel to this small forum community. 

Heads&Heads forum


When it comes to helping beginners, Heads&Heads is up there with the best of them and in some respects ahead. What James has achieved with zero outside funding or third-party support is remarkable. Yes, they may not be anywhere near the size of the big boys, but they’re growing every day and with their plans for improvement we can see them really challenging the status quo amongst existing services. 

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